Table of Contents for "ROLLING HOME"

Chapter 0 — Going full time: Ken's reasoning about the decision to go full time

Chapter 1 — Buying the Motor Home: the one where they view four homes, then pick the one that has two places for their big iMacs.

Chapter 2 — The Early Days: the one where they flood the home, buy the Smart Car, begin the outfitting of the Moose and learn to live at LazyDays

Chapter 3 — Loading up and Moving Out: the one where they struggle with bank accounts and Ken hits his head a lot

Chapter 4 — Living for Awhile in Tampa: the one where they get a driving lesson, learn to hook up the Mouse, and share dinner with Pete and Chris Mitchell

Chapter 5 — The Adventure Finally Begins: the one where they get out of prison and Shannon hurts the Mouse

Chapter 6 — Biloxi: the one where they see all the Katrina damage and celebrate their 38th anniversary

Chapter 7 — Shreveport: the one where the Mouse gets hurt again and they put together a chair

Chapter 8 — Midessa, Texas: the one where they see lots of signs of oil and find lots of bunnies on the streets

Chapter 9 — Midessa to Las Cruces: the one where they had their first really good Mexican food and experience real desert heat

Chapter 10 — Las Cruces to Phoenix: the one where they see dust devils and Shannon meets up with a high school friend of 50 years ago

Chapter 11 — Indio and Palm Springs: the one where they find out how tough using the brake buddy is, they have trouble with the Mouse, and spend two days in an exquisite campground

Chapter 12 — Anaheim: the one where they see all the windmill farms, and see the Disney fireworks from their RV

Chapter 13 — Escondido: the one where the boys bring pizza with growlers of beer they become entranced with the foliage and weather

Chapter 14 — Escondido Part 2: the one where Shannon has lunch with friends of 50 years ago, and Ken defrosts the freezer with a hair dryer

Chapter 15 — Escondido Part 3: the one where the step motor still isn't going to work, Shannon attends "creative day" at her friends' ranch, they shop for a new car, and meet the boys for lunch at Stone Brewery

Chapter 16 — The Toad's Wild Ride: Ken writes about their experience in the trip to Yuma to register the new toad (Saturn)

Chapter 17 — Nikki de Saint Phalle, Queen Califa's Magic Circle: the one where they start refurbishing the Moose and visit Kit Carson Park

Chapter 18 — A House in Oceanside: Ken speaks about why they decided to invest in California property

Chapter 19 — Old Houses Often Have Defects: the one where the investment property shows its age

Chapter 20 — Los Angeles: the one where Ken and Shannon return to Los Angeles for a re-visit to favorite restaurants (Stinking Rose and Ocean Star)

Chapter 21 — The Dilemma: the one where Ken reaches out to friends and relatives to help make a life-changing decision.

Chapter 22 — The Answers: the one where Ken and Shannon conclude what they will be doing for the next (xx) years of their lives.

Chapter 23 — Catching up: the one where Shannon goes on a beer run with son Eric, Peter Mitchell comes to visit, they have German food in Carlsbad, they get the toad hooked up to the Moose and they finally finish getting more storage.

Chapter 24 — Trip to Vegas: the one where they meet up with family and do some touring in Vegas.

Chapter 25 — The house: the one where they spend a lot of money fixing up an old house, hoping that it will add to the value of the property.

Chapter 26 — A Long Chapter: the one where Shannon takes 3 months to catch up on decorating, a harrowing trip to Palm Desert, and Christmas.

Chapter 27 — Making some side trips: the one where they take their first RV trip with the Oceanhills RV club, visit the blooming desert, and take the train to LA.

Chapter 28 — Trip to Florida: the one where Ken and Shan go back to Tampa and Sarasota to visit friends and family and Ken makes his famous popcorn.

Chapter 29 — May Gray and June Gloom: the one where Ken starts growing tomatoes and he and Shan earn pickleball trophies.

Chapter 30 — Guest from Florida: the one where Chip, Lisa, Thomas and Ryan visit. Barbara Glanz also visits.

Chapter 31 — Buying a New House: the one where they begin to gut a house, and spend a very cool summer.