Visits and Events

in Oceanside, California

April 2011 Ruth visits. She and Shan go to Petco Park to see the Padres
June 2011 Ken and Shan drive to Temecula, stay at an Indian casino and go to the balloon festival
July 2011 Lori arrives. She and Shan see the zoo and Coronado Island. They travel to LA for a tour of Sony studio and a visit with Andy and Eric
September 2011 Marc and Kathy Beisler take a surfing lesson. Shan and Marc go to Safari Park
October 2011 Shan and Ken host an "End of the World" party for friends and neighbors
March 2012 Ken III with sons Thomas and Ryan visit. A visit to the zoo and a surfing lesson take place.
April 2012 Ken, Shan, Eric, and Andy see Elton John in concert in Las Vegas
July 2012 Pete Mitchell visits the Johnstons new guest home prior to his meeting in Pendleton
November 2012 Catch-up on current events.
January 2013 Barbara Glanz arrives and is the first to spend a whole week in the casita.