End of the World Party

October 21, 2011

The end of the world was predicted twice during 2011, by Harold Camping. We decided to take him seriously, and arranged a party at which some of us (you know who) would ascend bodily into heaven. We decided that since it was the end, to have everyone bring just desserts (we furnished some KFC chicken). All in all, the food would be terrible for us, but what the heck, it was the end, wasn't it?

Placed around thoughtfully, was a laundry basket for putting neatly-folded clothes into, before the ascension, and a ladder to help short people. On the left there was a container for wallets and other important items. Below right, Debbie Pfeiffer begins moving her clothes to the laundry basket as her husband Don looks on skeptically.

Priscilla and Bill Baker decided to go together, while Jean Heffler (hear no evil), Barbara Lowe (see no evil) and Sally Palmer (speak no evil) wait for the big moment.

In costume, Nancy Powers, Ricki Weinberger, Craig Powers, and Alan Willson bring in some desserts

Alice Robeson, Barry Farrell, Craig Powers, Bill and Priscilla Baker sit around the firt pit.

Ken explains to a rapt crowd about Dennis Wilson and his goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to benefit Parkinson's disease.

Dennis Wilson explains how he has been preparing for the climb.

A good time was had by all. Some folks got "high" on all the sugar (you simply had to taste every one of the desserts). Sadly, no one made it to the promised land. Happily, they'll all be back for the Mayan End in December. (Another excuse for a party.)