Ruth Johnston Visits

April 2011

Cousin Ruth visited us in April 2011. She stayed at a time-share in Oceanside, close to the beach, spending time with other friends and relatives. Knowing that she loves baseball, I procured two tickets to a Padres game at the new-ish Petco Park. We were early so we walked around the park. By the time the game started it really got cold and so we lasted only through three innings.

The brownish building in the outfield is an historical building (Western Metal Supply Company) that they incorporated right into the park. Padres stuff is sold there, and there are seats on the roof.

The picture on the right is about where we sat (lower level).

The third picture was taken from the inside. Very modern. Then you can see the Padres mascot.

There is the lovely Ruth (right), outside the building standing next to the seating plan. Below she looks at the boats in Oceanside harbor.

The seals at Oceanside harbor seem to sleep a lot, as well as bark a lot. In the picture above a large seal demonstrates "basking in the sun."