Over time I've made several small movies. Some are buried within the stories you may have already read. Some are independent.

Krikit the Cat We had a cat named Krikit, who died in 2009. (Her story is in the "Animal" section on the home page.) She learned to roll over on command, something our dog never learned to do.
Cranes One day two cranes were doing their mating dance on our front lawn in The Glenridge, and I captured this.
Puppies at a tennis match When we lost our first Missy, we bought two Bichons. This is a movie of their early days (we finally only kept one; her pictures are in the "Animal" section of the home page).
Tennis serves Lauel Oak in Sarasota had a day devoted to measuring the speed of people's serves. This is the movie I made that day.
Amaryllis Bloom A long time ago I bought my first digital camera that could be set for taking time-lapsed movies. I spent several days collecting the opening of an amaryllis bulb.
Windmill Farm In chapter 12 of our travel odyssey we passed the windmills in Coachella Valley that produce a bunch of electricity for Southern California. I thought they were fascinating, and beautiful.
Ken's Popcorn Eric asked for Ken's popcorn recipe (best in the world). Instead of just the recipe we decided to make a movie and put it on YouTube. Eric, Andy, friend Scott Martin and Gabriel (dog), all participated. Here's just the recipe if you want it. Popcorn
OHCC I didn't make this movie, but it's an 11 minute film about the community we live in.
Stan Smith On our Wimbledon trip in 2001 I got to play tennis across the net from Stan Smith. I took a small movie of his servie (hope that's okay Stan). The whole Wimbledon/London story is at: London
Balloons In June 2011 Ken and I attended the balloon festival in Temecula. This is a little story about those balloons.
Surfing1 Marc and Kathy take a surfing lesson
Surfing2 Ken III, Thomas and Ryan take a surfing lesson