The "Blossoming" Amaryllis

Chip and Lisa gave us a lovely amaryllis just before Christmas. As the little "bulb nubs" started to grow, I thought it would be fun to use my digital camera to take time-lapsed pictures (I had never done that before). So, I placed the plant in my office, and set it to take pictures every 3 hours for about 3 days. One thing I had not considered was the fact that the lighting would change from daylight to night. That's why some pictures are darker than others. And, if you want to know what that black line is on the right side — it is my TV set. I was loathe to cut it out, since I would have had to do that for 31 pictures, and end up with every one of them the same size, so I didn't risk it. What I got, is what you see.
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