Boy Choy Salad: It has a lovely Asian flavor and can be used as a side salad or a complete meal.

Cranberry-cherry Relish: I tossed all my other cranberry recipes when I first made this. It’s now a tradition at all my holiday meals.

Green Bean and Potato Salad: Wonderful side dish for a ham. Take it on a picnic.

Herring Salad: If herring is a New Year’s tradition for you, but you “gag it down,” try this salad. You can honor the tradition by eating something you’ll really enjoy. If you love herring, you’ll love this salad.

Last of the Garden: My grandmother created this recipe to use up “the last of the garden” veggies. It has a slightly pickled taste. You can vary what veggies you wish, based on what you like (or what’s left in your “garden”).

Overnight Coleslaw: This is my favorite. It’s a little more trouble than some, but worth it. Hard to believe a salad left overnight would still be crisp, but it is.

Pea Salad: My father invented this and it has always been one of my favorites to take on a picnic or include in a nice summer repast.

Potato Salad (dressing): Everyone makes potato salad. What’s special about this is the dressing, which, by the way makes incredible deviled eggs as well.

Special Vegetable Salad: I especially like this salad because it has lots of different veggies in it. It’s great for a large crowd; something in it for everyone.
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