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I have been collecting recipes for about forty years. This collection represents my "all-time" favorite recipes. These are recipes I keep in my kitchen at "all times," because I use them a lot. They won’t include things you can find in typical cookbooks. Something like blue cheese dressing or guacamole can be found easily in any of your existing books. I have included, however, recipes that are a notch above of what you might otherwise find. Everyone has a carrot cake recipe, for example, but the one in this book is really special. If you want a “hard copy” of the recipes, feel free to print them out; I am no longer producing the printed book. If you have any questions about a recipe, feel free to call me or send me an email.
Each recipe uses a way of cooking called “mise en place,” meaning “everything in its place.” The format suggests you gather and measure all the ingredients ahead of time. Last-minute assembly is a joy, after that.
How the Book is Set Up
The book is divided into four major parts:
Before Dinner (dips, canapes, and soups);
Entrees (beef, fowl, pasta, seafood/fish, veal/pork/lamb, and other dishes)
Accompaniments (vegetables, leaf salads,salad dressings, potatoes/rice and other)
Desserts (cookies, cakes, candy, and other).
By the way, “other” usually means it’s something that wouldn’t fit neatly into another category.
Paella is an “other” dish, for example, since it has chicken, sausage, shrimp, and rice.
Three ways to find a recipe.
Table of Contents By Section: each section has a small description next to each recipe name
(culled from the “comments” on each recipe page), to help you make your choice.
An Alphabetical List: useful if you know the name of what you’re looking for.
Probable Use: That means if you’re looking for ideas for a company dinner, my favorites are
indicated. Or, if you want holiday gifts for your friends, which ones are the most likely recipes?
IMPORTANT: Viewing or Printing Recipes
A critical thing you need to know is that the recipes are in the PDF format. This format displays each recipe exactly the way it is in my cookbook. If you decide to print any recipe, the PDF format guarantees you that the printed page will be beautiful and will look as if it came right off my printer. If you are familiar with PDF, and already have the Acrobat Reader program, skip the rest of this page.
However, if you are not familiar with PDF, you may download a program that will read the PDF files for you. It’s called the Acrobat Reader, and is a free program. Once you have the program installed, just click on any recipe in the “Best of Shannon’s Collection” Index, and the Acrobat Reader will automatically load and bring up the recipe you want. PDF pages are used a lot in internet information, so you’ll use it for other things as well.
The Acrobat Reader program may be downloaded by clicking on:
If you use AOL, it would also be helpful for you to have AOL version 5.0, which you can download at the following address:
If you want to contact me by my email address click here: shannon
I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Cook with love and your guests will never get indigestion.

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