Barclay Salad: The Barclay Club was a restaurant in Chicago forty years ago. I always loved to have their salad; it was simple and elegant.

Judy’s Special Salad: This has become my salad of choice, even when I’m not having company. If you’re trying to stay away from sugar, use the sugarless maple syrup, or leave it out.

Orange Avocado Salad: Great served with grilled meat. Most of it can be prepared ahead.

7-layer Salad: This is an unsophisticated salad (meaning don’t save it just for special occasions). It works well for a buffet and even the children will love it.

Spinach Salad: May be the best spinach salad you’ve eaten. The dressing can be warm or cool.

Tio Pepe Salad: Any Italian meal deserves a Tio Pepe salad. (Pepe’s has several restaurants in Tampa, Florida). Great served with Cuban bread. I like it for lunch as a whole meal.
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