Egg ‘n Cheese Casserole: Here’s an egg casserole that’s great for serving a large crowd, for either a casual dinner or for brunch. It can be made the day before.

Chili Relleno Pie: I’ve never seen this recipe anywhere but at my home (and others who use my recipe). Some people refer to it as Mexican Quiche, although there is no crust. I like to serve tacos with this, for a complete meal.

Paella: What a beautiful dish! If you have a large oven-proof skillet, you can prepare, bake, and serve all with the same utensil. Vary the meats to your liking, more or less of whatever pleases you.

Quiche: Everyone needs a good quiche recipe. I tried lots, and settled on this. You can modify it to add just about anything you want.

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