Beaumonde Dip: My favorite dip for raw veggies, but good with chips as well.

Beef and Cream Cheese Spread: This has a terrific salty taste. No one will guess it uses chipped beef.

Caviar Pie: It’s a great way to serve caviar at a party and not have a big mess. Everything is layered in a pan and easy to pile on your favorite cracker.

Cheese Logs: Nice, slightly hot taste from the chili powder.

Crabmeat — Hot Dip: This always gets raves. You can serve it as a warm dip for crackers or veggies, or cold as a spread.

Pepper Jelly: You can use this instead of mint jelly, however, it is wonderful scooped over cream cheese. It’s a little hot. Make extra for gifts.

Jezebel Sauce: This is great poured over a slab of cream cheese, with crackers on the side. It keeps indefinitely in the refrigerator.
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