Apple Slices: When you want to serve ice cream for dessert and you’re looking for a nice topping, try this. It can be made way ahead, and warmed just before serving.

Cream Pie:
This recipe was created by my grandmother in the days when they churned their own butter and cream. I don’t think today’s cream is nearly as good, but the recipe still stands up. It’s a very rich dessert, but one your friends will remember.

Fruit Pizza: Most interesting dessert. It looks fantastic, and people love it. Be sure to show it to everyone before you serve it.

Pots de Creme: Elegant and delicious. I serve it in demitasse cups (a small portion is plenty), with tiny spoons.

Walnut Bread: Well, it’s not really a dessert (it’s a sweet bread), but since I didn’t want a section for breads, I had to put it somewhere! Great sliced cold with butter for breakfast. I make small ones for holiday gifts.

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