Chicken Almond Ding: I searched for years for a really good recipe, experimented a lot, and came up with this. Once you get all the ingredients together, the rest is a snap.

Chicken Orientale: A wonderful low-fat, low-carbohydrate recipe that “reeks” of garlic.

Chili (white): If you’ve never tried white chili, then you must. It’s nothing like red chili, although it still can be as “hot” as you like it. If you haven’t used cilantro before, or don’t even think you like it, try it here at least.

Chinese Walnut Chicken: The flavor of toasted walnuts makes this something special.

Groundnut Stew Page 1 Page 2: It’s a typical West African dish (a “groundnut” is a peanut). This is most unusual, a taste others won’t have experienced before and will likely become a favorite. Make it as spicy (or not) as you want it.

Kung Pao Chicken: The “heat” from this comes from fresh ginger, dried chilies, and pepper flakes. It’s typically made with dark meat, but try white if you wish.

Turkey Burgers: You can grill these, or saute them. Serve with buns, or without. If you like regular burgers, then top these with a slice of sweet onion, tomato, and maybe some alfalfa sprouts or pickle relish, to top it off.

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