Chinese Ribs: These are most unusual, and terrific for a cocktail buffet, where people expect something substantial.

Crab Bites: Make lots and freeze them on trays, separated, for a couple of hours. Then put them into plastic bags to keep for last minute company. Everyone loves these.

Crab Canapes: These are nice for serving at a cocktail buffet, since they are substantial in size. It’s a really easy recipe and tastes wonderful.

Nuts ’N Bolts: Make a huge batch for a big party and put them around in bowls. Last well in plastic bags. I like to use the same recipe and use only nuts for a very fancy flavor.

Summer Sausage: Slightly spicy and good with crackers. It’s lo-fat and lo-carbo.

More recipes from other sections of the book that are also good before dinner.

Deviled Eggs — (accompaniments, potato salad)
Chili Pie — (entrees, other)
Jumping Shrimp — (entrees, seafood)
Marinated Tenderloin — (entrees, beef)
Meatballs — (entrees, beef)

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