Carrot Cake:
I only have one thing to say: throw away all your other carrot cake recipes out. This one beats all!

Cheese Cake: I know, there are a thousand exciting and complex recipes for cheese cake out there. However, this is my favorite because it doesn’t have a “cake-y” texture. Really smooth.

Fern’s Chocolate Cake: This is an original recipe dating back forty years. It’s hard to believe it doesn’t include milk, eggs, or chocolate. This moist cake is my most requested cake for birthdays.

German Chocolate Cake: I needed a recipe for German Chocolate cake, and found this on the internet (get out there sometime to see what you can find). It’s a bit more work than other cakes, but the icing alone makes this a super special dessert.

Red Velvet Cake: This cake carries the same mystique that surrounds the Nieman Marcus cookies. In any case, it’s a beautiful red cake for special occasions such as Valentine’s day. Don’t leave the red food coloring out.
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