Beef Boilermaker: A new taste for many people. It’s one of my favorite Fall entrees. Because of its interesting gravy, it’s wonderful with whipped potatoes or dumplings.

Beef en Croute
: Page 1; Page 2; A very elegant entree. It’s complicated to make, although you can do it way ahead, freeze it, and have it ready in advance.

Chili: I have two favorite chili recipes; this is one of them (the other is white chili). You can make this with beef, turkey, or chicken.

Corned Beef: If you love corned beef from New York, you’ve now got the recipe that produces the tender, juicy meat you’re used to. Slice it as thin as possible.

Marinated Beef Tenderloin: This is a family favorite for holidays or special occasions. Slice it thin and put it on cocktail buns for a cocktail buffet. Make some extra marinade and keep it for grilling steaks.

Meatballs: Based on the style of a Swedish meatball, but with different seasonings. Use them larger with gravy over noodles, or make them small for a cocktail party.

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