Ken and Shannon's Travel-log

Early Retirement No pictures, but a story of our 1992 early retirement.
Branson Still no pictures. A story of our trip to Branson, MO. (You'd love Branson.)
Alaska In 1996 we took a cruise around Alaska, with friends from Laurel Oak in Sarasota. Each stop is in some detail, so if you're ever going on an Alaskan cruise, you could learn something about side trips you may want to take. Seward was my favorite stop because we got to take a ride on a sled pulled by the Idadarod dogs.
New York In 2000, a special New York trip because we got to see some of the filming of "Vanilla Sky" and see Tom Cruise run down Broadway on an early Sunday morning.
England In 2001, for my 65th birthday, we took a tennis tour with Stan Smith's travel group, to Wimbledon.
Charlotte I kept this story mainly because it's the only time I'd been at a hotel when there was a fire at night (not scary after all).