Getting to Southfield, on The Tube

The trip to the Southfield stop required a long walk to the underground station, and a transfer to an above-ground train. The views from the trains were often apartments close to the track. Because it was a hot day, and most apartments don't have A/C, windows were open.
Ads everywhere. I thought this one humorous. A guy putting on lipstick in order to get car insurance from a company that only insures women. You can see the people sleeping at the end of this corridor — all covered up on a very hot day.
History painted on the tile walls. More history. Wonder how many people stop to read it.
It says: "'A Wellington Boot'" A cariacture of Wellington as Commander-in-Chief of the Army, 1817. The first printed reference to Wellington boots was by William Thomas Monorieff in 1817."
We got off at Southfield. The town of Southfield where you could either share a cab with 5 other people jammed in, wait for a bus until it filled up, or take a very long walk.

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