Roosevelt Park

Long shot of the statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, so well thought of by the British in the Second World War. A close up of FDR. The world saw him as a standing man, though he spent most of his adult life in a wheelchair.
This eagle was atop the memorial with the words to the right of this picture. How many of us knew that 244 pilots were helping the British even before we declared war. In case you can't read it, the words are:

"This memorial is to the memory of the 244 American and 16 British fighter pilots and other personnel who served in the three Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons prior to the participation of the United States of America in the Second World War."

Like the double-decker bus, the pigeons were everywhere. Just outside the park and close to the American Embassy is a statue of Dwight Eisenhower.
The American Embassy. A car couldn't get close.

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