Queen's Club

Queen's Court is an old club that hosts a grass court tournament just two weeks before Wimbledon. This is a view from the steps of the club that you see on the left. These apartment buildings ring three sides of the club's courts. The grass court shown here was not being used, since it had been part of the tournament.
A longer view of the grass courts. There are some behind the brick wall, but they were reserved for members. Stan and another pro getting ready for the clinic. The apartments were very close and we could hear loud rock music from one.
He takes the racquet way back on the serve. The ladies locker room was lovely. Showers, sauna, the works.
Queen's Club evidently started in 1886. The "crown" is everywhere. This is an interesting indoor court for something called "Real Tennis." You can see the slanted roof lines that are used, as well as the walls (not the ceilings). The balls are about the size of a tennis ball, but hard like a baseball. It's a slower game, but looks very tricky.
People who did not play tennis came by bus to join the rest of us, for lunch at the Queen's Club. At all the meals, Stan always had interesting stories to impart.
Stan won Wimbledon in 1972. You may remember that in 1973 there was a strike by tennis players who wanted to establish the professional league. So, only amateurs played and an amateur won. In 1973 he would have been the returning champion, but could not, because of the strike.

In 1974 he wrote the book "Inside Tennis." I was able to find a used copy and took it along for him to sign.

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