The Dorchester Hotel

The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane Our two rooms were just above the Dorchester sign.
The living room had a fake fireplace. The picture of Eisenhower dominated the living room.
This was probably Eisenhower's desk. It was very old. The room had a rather sober feel.
It didn't say, but we assumed these were some of his medals. They were above the bar. The hallway leading from the living room to the hotel hall had lots of pictures and stories.
The wooden, "queen" bed had four posters and a wooden ceiling. The bedroom had a counch that faced a second TV
Our balcony overlooked the valet parking and on out to Park Lane. Park Lane traffic was fierce. Lots of double-decker busses and taxis.
Romance was always in the air (or on the balcony). Our balcony, from the outside.
Our first breakfast was in the Promenade. A traditional English breakfast is always eggs, potatoes, sausage (called bangers), and a tomato.
The Promenade, where we had one late breakfast and tea on another day. Our second breakfast was at a little French cafe, close by.

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