The Private Home

When we arrived we were taken to the back garden for champagne. More champagne.
Don Baer, one of our tour guides.
The owners had enclosed the back porch. A nice young pro named Rick Leach, talked to us during lunch about Wimbledon (Stan in the background).
A photographer, and Sasha Rose, one of our guides, from Australia. If you got tired, you could come back to the house and watch it on TV. The table in the background holds tea, sandwiches, sweets.
I was curious about the kitchen, since I'd seen some appliances at Herrods and noticed they were considerably smaller than ours. The kitchen was a nice size, however you can see the refrigerator in the picture to the left, and the freezer above. Considering the house handled 30 of us over the two days, including one lunch, that was amazing.

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