Hi! My name is Samantha and I'm a cat (since you're smart enough to get to this website, you're probably smart enough to already know that). But I have to explain it sometimes, because I do things that cats don't normally do.
For example, I sleep on a silk pillow. How many cats get to do that!
I also like my water fresh, so I drink directly from the faucet. I kinda like that I can see my reflection at the same time. Umm. Gorgeous.
I like to get my own snack food, which my folks, Bill and Priscilla Baker keep way up high, thinking I can't reach it. But, they're not too clever and they park their car just where I can get to it.
I have a sister, but I don't let her out much. When company comes I want all the attention so I've convinced her that it's dangerous out there. She believes me (hah!) and stays under the bed.
Now on to the important stuff. You know about kitty litter and the icky clean-up process (I always precede my daily ablutions by smelling some flowers. Helps when I do "you know what" and just about gross myself out.)
You've been very patient reading through all of this, and learning about what a blissful life I have.

Now comes a mystery: see that stovepipe-looking-thing in this picture? Well, I'm just coming out from my litter box and my "leavings" have something to do with the black tower thingy. My folks call it a Poop-pouree and my dad invented it. I'm told it makes their lives (particularly my mom) much easier. You can see how it works by watching a little movie at:


Samantha the Cat

I watch that movie every day and I'm just amazed and fascinated by it. You will be, too.

The Poopurree!

The Poopurree Movie
You wonder why I'm so smart? Well, every night I watch the news to see what's going on. Sometimes I even get a laugh out of it, for example when they show some dumb dog doing something silly.