Sue Douglas Memorial Service

November 9, 2003

Before the service, some family went out for breakfast. Erika, on the left, created a "napkin hat." Ashely and Kaitland waited for their food.
The service was held at Bella Vita, where Sue and Kelly lived. Lots of people sent flowers (just a few pictured here). Sue's children Bruce, with wife Nikki and children Amanda and Ashley, Marc, with daughter Katherine, and Kris with her girls Kaitlyn and Erika, all came. They went through lots of Sue's picture albums. Bruce is showing some of them to Sue's mother Edythe, and Sue's sister Barbara Mitchell.
Before living in Bella Vita, Sue and Kelly lived in the Isles, part of Chestnut Creek in Venice. Their good friends Tom and Paula Carlson continued to help them. Tom was their financial advisor.
Here is Sue's brother Ken, with Edythe's brother-in-law Pleto (Roland) Johnston. Nikki Beisler, Bruce's wife, and daughter Amanda snuggled in. Sue considered Nikki as one of her real children, also. Sue was truly Nikki's American Mom.
Marc helped Erika write a tribute to Sue and to deliver it at the service.

Marc: Mom is the BEST mom. I’ll miss her smile and laugh.

Erika: Grandma is the BEST Grandma.

Marc: Mom loved to garden. She planted many beautiful flower beds and fruitful vegetable gardens.

Erika: You are the best Grandma in the world. I love you.

Marc: I love you, Mom.

Erika: I love Grandma.

Katherine, Ashely, and Kaitllyn also wrote and delivered a tribute:

To all of us our grandma has always been nice, caring, loving, and always there for us.
I’ll always remember calling my grandma on her birthday, since it was my birthday, too.
I will always remember sitting on grandma’s lap and her reading “Sleeping Beauty” to me. I would run to the toy chest to get the book for grandma to read.

I will always remember one time when grandma and grandpa Kelly came to visit and went to a restaurant called Hackney’s. On the way there I showed them a plush toucan bird, and explained all about it.
Even though she’s not with us in person she’s always with us in our hearts.
Kaitland, Katherine and I wrote this in loving memory our grandma, Sue Douglas.
Friends of Sue from her Tri-Delta sorority, her PEO sisters, neighbors from the Isles and from Bella Vita, and her family. They filled the room to overflowing, with just standing room left.
A pianist played Sue's favorite hymns, and a vocalist led the audience in several songs, including: Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and on Eagles' Wings. Pastor Steve Miller wrote and delivered a lovely, uplifting service.
Mike Vega (Sue and Edythe's trainer), and brother Ken
Left above: Barbara Rockwood and Pleto Johnson. Above right: Ruth Johnston, Kris Waldsmith, and Nancy Stearns.
Chip (Ken, III) and Lisa Johnston with grandmother Edythe. Barbara Mitchell with son Peter.
Kelly with his daughter Kelly Lynn Calacci.
Chris, Thomas, and Jessica Mitchell.
Friends and family consoled Kelly. Above right, his son Mike (alias "Mel") talks to sister Kelly Lynn.
After the service, Bella Vita served punch and cookies.
Above: Edythe and Amanda. Upper right: Nancy and Barb Above: Nikki and Kaitlyn.
Sue Douglas, born October 5, 1935, died November 4, 2003. She left behind family members and friends who will always remember her courage and strength. Here's to Sue!