Sharon Ruth Baumgart

Born June 11, 1933

Died June 5, 2002

When Sharon died so unexpectedly, the family rallied around Don. This is a pictoral chronicle of the days between June 8 and June 10.

June 8th: The family gathered at Don's house to select pictures that would be placed on a bulletin board at the funeral home.

Note: If you'd like to see pictures of Don and Sharon's children and grandchildren so you know "who's who," go to family. Also see copy of the service at memorial.
Don talks to his son Chris, with Eddie, Lori's husband, looking on
Don's daughter Susie (who came from Portland), Lori, and Lori's good friends Ellie and Bill Siegel, from Florida
Don's son-in-law Hiroshi Kagoshima (left) and daughter Cindy came from New York

In the evening the family met at a restaurant Sharon loved, called the Cotton Club.

Bill and Ellie Siegel, Stacey Prahst, Rebecca Baumgart, Jacob Baumgart, Chris Baumart

Randy Long, Lori Long, Susie Baugmart, Rusty Long, Ryan Flamer, Ken Johnston, Don Baumgart, Cindy and Hiroshi Kagoshima

Russell Long, Kyle Flamer, Shannon Johnston, Colin Long, Nicole Long

At dinner, a good time was had by all. Good memories shared and lots of laughter.
Don, with Sharon's best friend Carol Olig
Kyle, Colin, Russell, Ryan, Nicole
Bill and Ellie Siegel,
Hiroshi, wife Cindy, Randy
Chris, with kids Rebecca and Jacob
Lori and Eddie Dunford
Rusty, Susie, Stacey Ryan and Colin share a birthday cake
Same folks, acting silly
Sharon and Don's kids: Stacey, Chris, Rusty, Cindy, Randy, Lori, Suzie
June 9: Day of the memorial service. Everyone met at Don's house. The big excitement (other than getting everyone dressed and the house picked up), was Don and Sharon's good friend Mary, who brought over some tables and chairs, and got stuck in the driveway. Mary is holding the beloved Taco.

It finally took a tow truck to get it out.

Kyle and Colin were ready early; Ryan soon joined them.
At the funeral home for the memorial service. The lines were long to offer thoughts and share memories with Don.

Many people contributed pictures which were set up on easels at the back of the room, so that people who came to pay their respects might see Sharon from the time when she was very young, through her loving hugs with her children and grandchildren.

The flowers were beautiful. Sharon's angel sat nearby.
The family had an hour to gather in the chapel before guests began to arrive.
Rusty with his two children, Colin, and Kelsey
Grandchildren Colin, Russell, Kyle, Kelsey and Nicole
Lori had arranged the service. It included four beautiful songs: "Morning Has Broken," "Amazing Grace," "Angels," and "You'll Never Walk Alone," all of which had significance for Sharon. Family members participated as well.
Cathy Bolton provided the music.
Rev. Thomas Griffey conducted the service as if he had known Sharon well. He made it very personal for everyone.
Lori read the poem "On Death" by Cahlil Gibran, one of Sharon's favorite poets.
Carol Olig, Sharon's best friend from St. Cloud, Minnesota, wrote a message that described what Sharon would have said to Sharon's friends, her children, and grandchildren
Nicole read the poem she wrote.
Ryan read letters that had been written for Sharon, by Kyle, Colin and himself. Don's daughter Cindy read a poem to Sharon that Don had written.

After the service folks were invited back to Don's for food and friendship.

However, the biggest "leftovers" were the many bags of ice.
The food and drink never ran out.
A picture Sharon so loved, looking out over the lake and down to the boat house.

June 10th: the Internment at Wisconsin Memorial Park.

Along with two men from the funeral home, several of the children and grandchildren served as pall bearers.
Many years ago Don and Sharon had selected a burial location, above ground. This stone would be used to cover the crypt made to hold two people.
Workmen used a fork lift to raise the casket high up in the crypt. Sharon would have a beautiful view.
Don's son Chris took a videotape of the service. His sons Jacob and Ben, daughter Rebecca watch.
Everyone at this service was given a flower from the blanket of flowers covering the casket. Don and his children watch the fork lift.
Sharon's children Randy, Lori, and Rusty
Ryan and Colin in a serious discussion.
Kelsey, Ryan, Colin, and Kyle, each with a rose, for remembrance.

Rusty's new home was nearest the memorial park, so folks came back to his house.

Of course, the kitchen is where everyone always gathers.
Rusty, a fine tennis player, at the fireplace with several of his many trophies.
Eddie decided that one way to keep Kyle still, was to sit on him.
Don with daughters Susie and Stacey
Suzie, Cindy, and Stacey found something interesting to do with Rusty's trophies.
Ken and Shannon with neice Lori, and newphews Rusty and Randy
Don, with son Chris, and daughters Susie, Cindy, and Stacey
At the end of the day, we said goodbye to Don at the home he and Sharon shared for so long. Taco and Don will have each other to love as they deal with the loss of their beloved wife and "mom."