Biographies and Stories About Family Members

Kenneth B. Johnston, Sr. He called himself the "Boy from Mr. Carbon," a coal miner's son who "made it." He was first in his family to finish high school. He ultimately became the circulation director of a large Chicago newspaper, then retired to Sarasota, Florida. He raised four children: Barbara, Kenneth, Susan, and Karen.
Edythe Bronwyn Johnston Edythe almost made it to 101. Even in her last days her thoughts and words were about how grateful she was to all who loved her and those who took care of her. She wrote her story in her early 90's, by hand.
Roland (Pleto) Johnson Roland (Pleto) is Eythe's brother-in-law, who was married to Edythe's beloved sister Marilyn.
Shannon R. Johnston Wife of Kenneth Johnston, Jr., mother of Eric and Andy Fischer
Creator and webmaster for this family website
Shannon's early computer story In about 1958 Shannon went to work for Allstate Insurance Company in Skokie, Illinois as a programmer for the Burroughs Electrodata 204 computer. While there they upgraded to the 210, which used magnetic tape to store data. As a way to introduce the new technology to the employees, Allstate created a brochure, and chose Shannon to be the "model" for the booklet. Click on the link to the left to read a copy.