Homer Ruth Family
Edythe Bronwyn Hughes Johnston
Homer and Maurine Ruth and progeny

Maurine Francis Lee Ruth

Homer Hollis Ruth

Edythe Hughes Johnston Family Tree
Kenneth Bennett Johnston Family
Earliest Ancestors
John and Eva Johnston with Children
Hazel Golliher
Martha and Lyle Heitz
Bob and Jeanette Golliher
Hannah and Clarence Sellers
Lila Mae and Edward Cullinan
Don and Esther Golliher
Leo and Ruth Johnston
Leo Jr. and Nelda Johnston
J.P. and Cheri Johnston
Kenneth and Edythe Johnston and family
Barbara Johnston/Mitchell and family
Ken Johnston, Jr. and family
Susan Johnston Beisler Douglas and Family
Karen Johnston and family
Helen and Howard Doerr
Jack and Gerry Doerr
Harold and Catherine Johnston
Sharon and Glen Walls
Ruth Ann Johnston and Family
David and Anita Strong
James and Gail Johnston

Family Trees