Edythe Johnston's 96th Birthday Party

September 25, 2004

The party was held at Demetrio's Restaurant, which is Edythe's favorite. She has lunch there every Sunday. We surprised her this time, on a Saturday with relatives from as far away as Chicago.
Lisa Johnston and Kaitlyn Waldsmith
There were place mats with Edythe's picture on it and birthday greetings.
Tommy, Ryan, and Ken Johnston
Thomas, Jessica and Chris Mitchell
Glen and Sharon Walls
Pete Mitchell is in Baghdad, but he sent written greetings to Edythe. This is a picture he sent when he was in a tour of duty as a Marine (he's a civilian now).
Newlyweds Jennifer and Don Golliher.
Cathy Beisler with father Marc
Erika Waldsmith with great-aunt Barbara Mitchell
Ken with cousin Ruth Johnston
Chip with mom Nancy Stearns
Tommy rested between courses
Amanda Beisler and beau Justin
Ryan, evidently not a great lover of pizza, ordered something that looks like (what?????)
Chris Mitchell, Edythe, and Bruce Beisler
Tommy and mom Lisa
Jessica and Chris Mitchell, with Edythe
Kris Waldsmith with her new curly hairdo
Fortunately Edythe only had to blow out 2 candles!
Nancy Stearns with her son Chip, wife Lisa, sons Tommy and Ryan
Our beautiful server Melissa who handled the whole crowd by herself.
The girls decorated lots of the pages for Edythe's scrapbook. They also decorated Marc's back.
Jimmy from Demitrio's cut the cake
Nikki Beisler and daughter Ashley

Ruth Johnston's Pictures

Jennifer Golliher with Glen and Sharon Walls Shannon with Kris Waldsmith
Chris Mitchell with Edythe Tommy Johnston
Thomas, Jessica, and Chris Mitchell
Ryan with dad Chip Johnston
Lisa Johnston and Kaitlyn Waldsmith
Erica Waldsmith with great-aunt Barbara Mitchell

The Beislers and Waldsmiths at the Johnstons — during hurricane Jeanne

We all watched the storm blow. We'd never had whitecaps on our little lake before. The ladies decided to go on the patio to experience the feeling of the wind. As you can see, they enjoyed it.
Kris' birthday was on Sunday, so the girls made her scrambled eggs and bacon, and served her breakfast on a tray. Later in the day they secretly made a HUGE chocolate chip cookie, then decorated it with writing and candles, to present to her that evening for dessert. They also made party hats, greeting cards, and a very long banner.
Various other activities included watching movies in the media room, sleeping, eating, and swimming. They also created a scrapbook of memories, with pictures and drawings, to leave for the host and hostess.
Marc and Katherine's flight was cancelled on Sunday (Sarasota airport was closed). Marc spent so much time on the phone trying to re-arrange them, that he used a headset. They went to the airport on Monday and were able to get a flight back home.
Goodbye birthday parties, goodbye storm, and so long to wonderful guests. We had a great time.

Marc sent these pictures of people in various leisure activities

Marc, Cathy, Kris, Kaitlyn, and Erica visited Susan Beisler's (mother/grandmother) memorial site.