Edythe Johnston's 95th Birthday Party

Thanks to Ruth Johnston for her wonderful pictures. She saved the day, since very few of mine turned out. Unfortunately, there are none of Ruth. Enjoy!

Kaitland and Erika wore their shirts from Edythe's 90th birthday party. Ashley watches as Edythe gets ready to blow out the candles.
People gave Edythe cards, with messages. Edythe read some, Marc read some.
The big card that Edythe is holding up had several messages in it: From Ruth Johnston: "Aunt Edythe: Congratulations on 95 wonderful years. You're a special lady that I'm proud to say is my aunt." From the Johnston's in Jackson Michigan: "Happy 95th Aunt Edythe." From Sharon and Glen Walls: "Dear Aunt Edythe. Unvelievable 95. Love you." The page below the big card reads:
September 27, 2003
To My Aunt Edythe on your 95th Birthday
What comes to mind when I think of you:

The way your parents spelled your name. I remember sending Christmas cards to you and Uncle Ken having spelled your name Edith. Then one day I noticed that your name on your card was spelled Edythe. I was so very embarrassed that I had spelled your name wrong for so long .... and you never corrected me. I'm sure Uncle Ken would have if I'd done that to his name ...ha
The time I spent with you and Uncle Ken in California with Uncle Howard and Aunt Helen - while Uncle Ken and Uncle Howard were playing a mucho game of Gin, you and Aunt Helen patiently taught me how to play Gin. You would sit and coach me while Aunt Helen would let me win. You were my favorite Aunts as you both were married with strong men who you ruled behind the scenes ....great role models for me.
The time you, Uncle Ken and I drove from San Francisco to LA and stopped at Hearst Castle - Uncle Ken was so mad when he hit his head getting back into the car and you calmed him down which you must have done so many times. You clearly were always the calm behind his storm ....
Finally, I enjoy so much your wonderful warm smile and little giggle. It always makes me relaxed and happy to be around you.
Thank you for being you....Lots of Love, Your niece, Ruth Ann

Edythe poses with various family members.

Upper: Thomas Johnston gets a ride on Edythe's walker. Upper right: Thomas and Ryan Johnston ham it up for the camera. Right: Kaitland and Erika Waldsmith display their 90th birthday t-shirts from five years ago.
Top Left: Edythe with three of her children: Ken, Barbara, and Susan.

Top Right: with Susan and her three children: Marc, Kristen, Bruce

Middle left: with daughter Sue, her three children, and Edythe's great grandchildren Ashley and Amanda Beisler, Katherine Beisler, Kaitland and Erika Waldsmith.

Above: with Kristen Beisler

Left: Sue Douglas and Edythe's great grandchildren: Amanda, Ashley, Catherin, Kateland, Thomas and Jessica Mitchell, Erika, Thomas and Ryan Johnston

A Card From Barbara:

"Happy Birthday to a woman who radiates life by living each moment with beauty and grace. Happy Birthday to a Mom who always shares the very best of herself and sets a shining example of a life well-lived. I've watch you blossom from the cocoon and emerge into a butterfly. Love, Barb"

From Kris:

"Grandma — thanks for all the great childhood memories — on the boat — hunting for seashells — swimming at the pool at the condo — drinking grapefruit juice every morning — the fancy scalloped dishes with flowers — fishing at the pier — Denise, Barb and I driving down as teenagers and staying with you — red tide — the pool broken — my car problems and uncle Ken buying new tires — too many fabulous memories to count. Thanks for raising such a wonderful daughter to become my mother! And also raising such a lovely family that is so generous and kind. Happy 95th. Thanks for all the memories! Love, Kris"

From Amanda and Ashley:

"On Birthdays we are supposed to receive gifts, but it seems as though you are the one giving us gifts. Having you here to think about and love, is the greatest gift of all. Love, Amanda and Ashley."

Upper left: Kris with Erika. Lower Left: Kris with Sue.
Above Right: Nikki Beisler and daughter Amanda.
Above: Nikki with Kelly Douglas and Bruce.
From Bruce and Nikki:

"We must be the luckiest family in the world to have such a great great-grandmother.

Over the years, your love for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren has been boundless. We are all so honored to celebrate with you, your 95th Birthday!"

Chris and Peter Mitchell. Pete, freshly back from Iraq brough some dinars for everyone to share.
From Chris:

"You are the sweetest woman I know. To have gotten to know you is truly a blessing...but to have you rub off on me...now, that would be a double bessing for me! I love you. Have a bless day. Love, Chris."

From Peter:

"A grandma knows the nicest ways of bringing happiness...sharing love in all she does to nurture and to belss. A Grandma is a special gift sent from God above who shares her talents and her time and best of all, her love. Thank you for your gift of love, Grandma. May God bless you with His goodness. Much love, Peter"

From Jessica:

"I always love coming to your house for our visitis...I hope there is more to come. I love you1 Happy Birthday, Jessica."

From Thomas:

"Great grandma, how are you? This is why I love you. I love it when you took us to Demertrios, I love it when you took us to your yacht club, I love it when we take trips to your house. I love you for being you. Happy Birthday, Love Thomas."

From Shannon:

"Dear Mom — my teacher, my friend:

Over the years you have taught me so much. I learned to quilt and to do needlepoint — those are the skills yout taught me. However, watching you and the way you treat others taught me (and continues to teach me) about life. I remember get-togethers when everyone else was a little tipsy, and you (even though you never touched a drop), just got a little sillier along with the rest of us. You created your own fun, even though you were stone sober. Any time you had the chance, you shared whatever you had with others — your time, your food, your home, your love. Your patience is boundless. You never complain, you are never critical of others, you love to laugh, and are never grumpy. Perfection, I think, and characterisitics the rest of us can only hope to achieve. You have been my only mother for the past 15 years, a mother I admire, and a mother I love. Thank you for being such a good teacher. Love, Shannon"

Ken helping Shannon figure out the camera.
From Ken:

"If I had to pick just one thing I love about you, it is your laugh. Growing up, I loved hearing you laugh, and I love hearing it today. When we were kids, our world was great when you were laughing. As a young mother with four kids and a workaholic husband, you didn't laugh all the time, or even every day. But, when you laughed we were happy. Laugh long and often, I love you. Ken"

Nancy Stearns
From Nancy:

"Thank you for so many years of caring and sharing. I am very happy to have been included. Many happy returns and birthday. Much love, Nancy."

Lisa and Ken Johnston III.

From Harry and Barbara Rockwood:

"As child I used to visit you in the Chicago area. I always enjoyed going to your house with my Mom (your sister Ruth), and Dad. It was a lot of fun because I got to play in the snow with my cousins.

Like most families, we somehow drifted apart through the years. Two years ago I came back into your life and you were so pleased. You opened your arms and took us into your fold. Both Barbara and I have enjoyed your family and getting to know you once again. We thank you for making us so welcome, as it means a lot to us to be part of this wonderful group. We love you. Harry and Barbara Rockwood."

Barbara Mitchell, with Barbara and Harry Rockwood
Clarence Sellars with daughter Diann Kuziel, husband Ed
Marc Beisler with Barb Mitchell
From Barbara's daughter Diane, husband Jim, and son Mike:

"September 2003

Here we are, celebrating Edythe’s 95th birthday. I sit here I think of the amazing person my grandmother is. I think of her everyday and all the simple wonders she has brought to our lives. Edythe is a wonderful mentor for us all. In today’s world of high tech, complicated things. I remember the little things she has shown me, the things that make life precious. Things like fresh squeezed orange juice, playing a card game or making a puzzle, a cross stitch Christmas ornament. These little jewels or permanently fixed in my mind.

We have moved far away but there is a place in our hearts for all our loved ones. Edythe holds a very special place. She is one of the things that make us who we are, no matter where we are. She taught me much just by being who she is. I think of my Grandma and I always smile. She has put a glimmer in all our hearts. And as my son likes to say “Great Grandma is cool”.

So, Happy Birthday Grandma. We love you.

Diane, Jim, Mike

Don Golliher with son Reed, fiance Jennifer Munro, and daughter Alex (front).

Sue Douglas' children and grandchildren stayed with Ken and Shannon for a few days around the gala affair. The grandchildren went to Venice to pick up their grandmother Sue and Kelly.

Katherine Beisler, (Missy: dog), Ashley Beisler with older sister Amanda in the back. Fron is Erika Waldsmith with sister Kaitland.

The girls loved the big shower and got together each evening for a lot of water. Modesty prevented everyone from being in the picture.
Missy investigates the bedroom. She figures with all that stuff, there's got to be some food somewhere!
A great party was had by all. See you all for the 96th birthday next year. Shannon