Happy Birthday Edythe Johnston

from your family

A good time was had by all, at the party for Edythe's 93rd birthday. It was held at the clubhouse in her apartment complex in Sarasota. Everyone contributed food and help with setting up, serving, and cleaning up. Here are the family members, not in any particular order.
The clubhouse
Edythe's grandson Ken III, with son Ryan and Ken's mom Nancy Stearns. Grandma Nancy is showing Ryan how to draw.
Lisa, wife of Ken Johnston III, was hoping her boys Thomas and Ryan would take a nap. Thomas wasn't keen on the idea, but Ryan finally succombed.
Ruth Ann Johnston, Edythe's niece on late husband Ken's side, with Kelly and Bruce, all contemplating what to eat.
Edythe's daughter Susan, with son Bruce Beisler and husband Kelly Douglas
Bruce's wife Nikki, with great-grandchildren Amanda and Ashely (Nikki and Bruce), and Mike Jenkins, son of Diane and Jim. Grandchildren: Bruce Beisler, Diane Jenkins, Ken Johnston III (aka Chip)
Edythe with Hannah Sellers, her huband Ken's niece.
Jim Jenkins, Diane's husband, and Thomas Johnston
Edythe, visiting with Clarence Sellers, husband of Hannah, and Ruth Ann, also Ken Sr. niece.
Hannah's daughter Diane Kuziel, with husband Ed and daughter Kelly.
Barbara's son Peter with his uncle Ken Johnston
Edythe's daughter Barbara Mitchell, and Nancy Stearns
Peter Mitchell with wife Chris, son Thomas and daughter Jessica (notice Ruth Ann in the background, clowning).
The two Thomas': Johnston and Mitchell.
Great-grandchildren Mike Jenkins and Thomas Mitchell
Ruth Ann Johnston
Ken with cousin Harry Rockwood, Edythe's nephew, and Harry's wife Barbara
Glenn Walls, Ruth's brother-in-law, and his mother. Sharon Walls, Ruth's sister wasn't in any of the pictures. I'm so sorry Sharon.
Don Golliher, Hannah's nephew, with son Reed, friend Jennifer and daughter Alex.
Edythe was surprised at the cake, but enjoyed blowing out the candles and sharing it with everyone who came.
Barbara Mitchell, hostess for the party, warned everyone that she would be watching the Buccaneer football game, and she was a woman of her word. Look how excited she got at just a three-point field goal!
If I have misspelled anyone's name, or misrepresented a family relationship, please let me know so I can fix it. Sharon Walls sent me the pictures that she and Glen took -- thanks Sharon! They are on the next page.
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