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There are several ways you can go about reading the messages and seeing the pictures that people sent to Edythe for her 92nd birthday scrapbook.

If you were a participant and just want to see your page, you can click on your name and it will take you there.

If you know several people, skip around, selecting any names you wish.

Or, start with the Cover page. At the bottom it will say "next" which takes you to the next page in line, and that one will take you to the next, and so on (this sequence will be alphabetical by last name).

The actual scrapbook was much more colorful. What you see here is simply the text and pictures, no decorations. If you want to see the scrapbook, pay a call on Edythe and she'll be happy to show it to you.

Thank you so much for all your help. The love and caring you show for Edythe can be experienced by everyone who wrote something, and even those who didn't.


Family Tree

Children, grandchildren,

Anderson, Nancy

Babigian, Nanci

Beisler, Bruce

Beisler, Marc

Brabeck, Ginny

Brown, Marilyn

Crawford, Sally and Jim

Cullinan, Lila and Martha Heitz

Dielmann, Barbara and Jenks Rohlff

Douglas, Susan and Kelly

Dunford, Lori

Faile, Jennifer

Harris, Jeanne

Heitz, family

Jenkins, Diane

Johnson, Pleto

Johnston, Chip

Johnston, Karen

Johnston, Ken and Shannon

Johnston, Ruth Ann

Kates, Essie

Kennedy, Lu and Frank

Miskowski, Lee and Billie

Mitchell, Barbara

Mitchell, Peter and Chris

Mitchell, Steven

Pellow, Arleta

PEO Ladies

Peterson, LaVerne

Robinson, Bett

Sellers, Clarence and

Shaw, Nancie

Stearns, Nancy

Swengel, Linda

Thureson, Dorothy

Vega, Mike

Waldsmith, Kristen and David

Woodell, Jean