Beisler Visit March 2007

Late March, 2007, Marc Beisler brough Kaitlyn and Erica Waldsmith to Florida for a week's vacation with Bruce, Nikki, Ashley, and Amanda Beisler. (Ask him sometime about the interesting trip from Rockford to Bruce's house.)

They all spent the week enjoying the sun and activities. On Thursday afternoon they visited with Great-grandma Edythe Johnston. Thursday evening they spent the night at Ken and Shannon's — on the way to Busch Gardens for the week end — before heading back North.

Here are some pictures of the visit in Sarasota.

Erica headed right for the pool. Uncle Marc kept her company on the patio.
Erica reached for a pool toy, while Kaitlyn entertained with lovely melodies on her flute.
Uncle Bruce showed Erica how to cast (she did really well). However, no one came up with fish for dinner, so they had to eat turkey.
Above: On Friday morning Ken and Shannon took Kaitlyn and Marc to the tennis courts for the cardio program. Above left: showing off their serves. Left: with Steven Willimas, the cardio coach.
Nikki, Ashley, and Amanda got in late Thursday night, so we didn't see them until the morning.

Left: Bruce with wife Nikki and (dancing) daughter Ashley. Above: the crew gathers luggage to get ready for the trip to Busch Gardens.

Above: Marc and Ken relax.