December 23, 2006

Ken and Lisa's House: Valrico, Florida

Ken and Lisa invited lots of relatives to their house for the day. Everyone brought a gift. Numbers were drawn and people chose in succession, trading a gift if they wanted. Lots of fun and laughter. Ken deep friend two turkeys, which was a new things for most everyone. The hit of the day was the young 7-month old Jordan, son of Matt and Jessica Olivera, and great-great-grandson of Edythe.
Edythe Johnston:
98 years and 3-months old.
The five generations: Jordan Olivera, Grandpa Peter Mitchell, Mother Jessica, Great-great-grandmother Edythe Johnston, and Grandmother Barbara Mitchell
The Beislers and friends:

(left) Bruce

(right) Nikki

(below left) Amanda and Justin

(below right) Ashley and friend Erin

Grandparents of Jordan (left) Peter and Chris Mitchell
(above) father Matt, Mother Jessica, Peter, and Jordan
Jordan was passed around like a precious Christmas gift.

(above left) Edythe and Barbara

(above right) Shannon

(left) Lori Dunford, Shannon's niece

(right) Nikki Beisler

Tommy, Ruth Johnston, Pete, Matt (hidden), Jessica, Chris
Amanda, Ashley (hidden), Justin, Nikki and Jordan
(right) Peter

(left) Erin, Ashley, Justin, Nikki, Amanda, Jordan, Ken, Ryan,Tommy, and gifts

(left) Ken and Ken, carving the turkeys

(right) Tommy and Ryan

Hostess Lisa Johnston
Chris, Jessica, Nancy Stearns, Matt
Man's best friend — actually anyone's best friend when food was being consumed — Sadie Johnston
Thanks to Lisa, Chris, and Ruth for taking the pictures.