San Diego

The "Underachiever Conference"

September 13-19, 2006

Ken and I made a trip to San Diego to attend a conference called the "Underachiever Conference," for people who are building websites, but still haven't recognized much (if any), income from it. The conference took place on Saturday and Sunday.

We stayed at a beautiful resort on Mission Bay, overlooking the Coronado Bridge.

The property is spectacular. It's on a peninsula, so many sides are contained by water. The land is owned by the city of San Diego and leased to the company that runs the resort. It must have been there for some time, because the one-story "casitas" are old and not very modern. However, the plants are old and huge, and in some places it resembles a jungle.
Some rooms overlook the Paradise Cove (left). Our room can be seen on the map next to the red arrow. The room is depicted below.
The waterfall was at the entrance to the "Barefoot Bay Cafe" that was our main restaurant. "Baleen" was only open for dinner, and quite expensive.
The birds seem to mostly hang around the restaurant, scarfing up whatever anyone dropped (by accident, but mostly on purpose).

I have no idea what some of these birds are. The one to the lower right is (probably) a very big seagull. And the one on the left was sleeping, with one eye on the camera person. Ken put a little meal out for the tiny wren, on the seat at our table.

On Friday Andy drove down from Los Angeles. Eric had to work and wasn't able to come along (we missed you, Eric).
Dinner at the restaurant.
We played round-robin tennis, rotating every two games, for a couple of hours. Hard courts are VERY different from the clay that we're used to, in Florida. (I'm pretty sure Ken took the most number of games; I know it wasn't me.)
We played the 18-hole putting course (1305 ft., par 50). As you can see from the scorecard on the left, Andy was the big winner, with 58 strokes. I was low person, and got a whole lot of "gimmies" that I didn't deserve. (They were kind to me.)
During the week end there was to be a big race, so we saw some of the boats awaiting their time.

Monday was a day of leisure, before our trip home. Ken and I wandered the property. There were tons of the plants to the right. I tried to look it up and the closest I could come was something called echeveria. The picture to the right is the top view of a very tall hedge, laced with spider webs with early morning dew.
We bought some duck food and found a ready and willing audience. The one to the left would paddle hard to get sort of upright, then catch anything I could throw to it. Better by far than my dog, in terms of accuracy.

The turtles would get some of the leftovers.

The heron below reflected in the water as it watched for any edible fish than swam by.

The picture below is of the duck lagoon from high up on what seemed like a fire observation tower.

The four pictures above were taken at various heights on the 80-ft high trek. The one to the right is what the top of the tower looks like, close up.
Much of Monday was spent reading and relaxing. Ken spent a lot of his time at the computer, while listening to music or lectures on the iPod.
On Tuesday it was goodbye to San Diego. I posed with the statues in the airport, who are all looking up, as if to find their flights. (Nothing on that wall to speak of.)

We arrived home late Tuesday, happy to be back in our own beds and with our animals.