Kaitlyn and Erica Waldsmith

March 29, 2006

Kaitlyn and Eric Waldsmith, Kris' daughters, came to Florida with their Uncle Mark, to stay for the Spring break at Uncle Bruce's house. Bruce was kind enough to bring the gang to Ken and Shannon's house for the evening of March 29th, and for a sleepover. Pictures of all of the invited dinner guests are below.
Marc's daughter Katherine joined the party (upper left with Kaitlyn).

Cousin Ruth brought toys such as the paper airplane above, with Erica.

Marc on the left with Kris' two girls.

Below left: Uncle Bruce and Katherin.

Then, the two cousins Kaitlyn and Katherine.

Marc introduced Kaitlyn to Sudoku, and pretty soon everyone was doing it.

Erica holds the three talking bears that Barb bought for the girls.

Marc cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone.
As usual, Edythe was right in the middle of things.
The Mitchell family: Barb with grandson Thomas; Chris, Thomas and Peter; Jessica with Matt; the Mitchells with their latest addition, Matt (welcome to the family).
Shannon poses; the kids play with their toys furnished by Ruth; Nancy and Jeanne run the event; Ryan and Tommy; Lisa (Chip was giving a speech in Las Vegas); Lisa fixing Tommy to go out in the sun.
Thanks to Bruce and Marc who made it all possible. They are wonderful uncles to Kaitlyn and Erica, great fathers, and super newphews. We're proud of you guys!
Thanks to Ruth for all the great pictures.