A visit from Kyle, Corey, and Shamir

August 3-6, 2003, Sarasota, Florida

Sunday at the airport
At baggage pickup
Coming out of the tram: Shamir, Kyle, Corey
Sunday lunch, watching TV
In the limo for the trip home
Sorry, Shamir, caught you blinking
It wasn't long before they had the Play Station game hooked up, and two computers.
Early bird dinner: 3 in a row
After lunch they went for a swim
Sunday night, picking out movies at Blockbusters
And what part do you want?
Getting ready to watch a movie in the media room. They quickly learned how to run the vcr and dvd as well as the dish.
Monday morning: this is all we saw until noon.
Big adventure — how to get the cockroach. Shamir tried the vacuum but it wouldn't reach. Finally it flew out — and into the piano!
Monday afternoon was a trip to a "country" arcade for some entertainment.
Monday night barbecue and Woody's.
Tuesday morning 9 a.m. tennis. Shamir on the upper left, Kyle on the right. They both did great. Look at the terrific form.
Tuesday afternnon included a movie and some shopping. Missy went to meet them at the mall.
Tuesday night — last dinner out before an evening of movies and TV gaming. (Missy seems interested in whatever Corey is eating!)
Wednesday — up late, a MacDonald's lunch, and to the airport for home and back to school.
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