Great Nephews' Trip to Ken and Shannon's House

August 1-4, 2002
Kyle Flamer, Lori Dunford's youngest son, and Colin Long, Rusty Long's son, visited with Ken and Shannon in early August. The two guys headed quickly for the swimming pool when they got here.
They invited Missy to swim with them, but she would have none of it.
Being the inquisitive fellows they are, they had to check out the doggie door that leads to a covered, outdoor pen that's used by Missy when it's raining. Neither Kyle nor Colin actually went through the door, but they posed as if they could.
That first evening we took the limo and went out to dinner. The front license plate reads "Missy's Car," and she certainly believes that. We were going to a restaurant named Rosebuds, for live lobster.
After eyeing the lobsters warily, they both decided a bib would be a good idea. This was Kyle's first live lobster. They both did great — cracked the claws and had a great time eating three lobsters between them.
They enjoyed sleeping late, after watching a late night movie or two, or three...whatever.
We had planned a "tennis" day on Friday, but it rained all day. Instead we went to the mall, where the boys did a little shopping, and then we went to a movie. They were kind enough to see a movie of my choice: "Stuart Little II." Really cute.
The sign behind them on the right, is not an editorial.
Our kitchen has a glass-top table with two stands, each of which house a pillow that's "bed" to Missy the dog, and Krikit the cat. Kyle was able to fit his body into the opening. This picture was taken through the glass top. (Getting out was a different matter.)
Kyle and Colin put together the toy robotic dog. In the picture above Collin is trying to get the cat's attention. No wonder Krikit stayed mostly under my bed.

They tried to sneak up on Ken on the patio, but he saw it coming.

Lori and Ryan drove over on Saturday, arriving mid afternoon. We all went out together for dinner to an Italian restaurant called Cuoco Moto (meaning crazy chef).
On the way home we stopped along St. Armand's circle at Kilwin's ice cream shop. Kyle chose a strange flavor (Superman, I think?) and ended up with a very blue mouth.
Evening activity time alternated between using our computers, watching movies, and playing some Play Station games. The guys finally threw Lori out so they could have some together time. You can see the top of Ryan's head on the floor, where we put an extra mattress.
Finally — Sunday was a sunny day and we all went out for tennis. We took turns sharing a lesson with Steve. Ken really admired Colin's tennis form — he was always ready for the ball, and had a great serve. Ken played some with Colin, and so did I. Ryan and Lori took lessons from Steve as well.
The week end came to a close as Lori, Colin, Kyle and Ryan headed home, with Ryan at the wheel. We all hope we can do it again next summer.

Thanks guys, for a terrific time.