Thomas Johnston Turns Four!

Upper left: Thomas and Ryan relax while waiting for the festivities to start.

Upper Right: Ryan jumped from Thomas' bed onto the floor and "broke his foot," he said. I took a picture to make him feel better. He did limp around for the rest of the day, though.

Left: Thomas, not to be left out showed me his "wound" on his hand. Also a bruise on his forehead, the picture of which did not turn out.

Nancy and Harley were there.
Grandpa Ken couldn't get Ryan to sit on his lap, so he settled for a T-Rex.
Ryan played hide-and-seek.
How many years has Scooby Doo been around? Ryan and Thomas each got one of these towels.
Thomas got a brand new bike from Lisa's parents. Mom insists a helmit be worn at all times. Good idea.
"Some Assembly Required" means dad has a lot of work to do.
Ryan got a present, too.
Above: Thomas and Ryan play together.

Right: Ryan found the wrappings to be as much fun as the presents.

Thomas was going to have a second party, with friends, that evening. Lisa showed us his "evening" birthday cake with a statue of who else, but Scooby Doo.
Above: The long-awaited birthday cake — a smaller version of the evening cake.

On the right: I missed the best picture. Ryan had his whole piece on the fork, and of course, it fell off, right into the waiting jaws of Sadie the dog, who cleaned up every last scrap.

The day was drawing to a close, and Thomas, who had been up early, was looking a little sleepy. He rested his drooping head in his hands, knowing he had a whole 'nother party coming up. Oh Woe is me!

Happy Birthday, Thomas