Easter 2002 at Ken and Shannon's House

The hit of the day was Ashley Beisler's 6-week old Cocker puppy named Sedrick, who charmed everyone except Missy, who managed to stay two feet in front of him at all times, thus avoiding even pictures of the event.
Amanda Beisler and Sedrick
Some people lingered after dinner, sipping coffee, wine, and eating cake and brownies.
Upper left: Chris, Jessica and Peter Mitchell, Barbara Mitchell, and Nancy Stearns.

Above: Jim and Diane Jenkins

Left: Chris, Jessica and Peter Mitchell

Others headed for the pool to cool off and use up some of the calories they ate.
Above: Ryan (Ken and Lisa Johnston's son) was ready to swim.

Left: Erika Waldsmith, Ken Johnston with son Thomas

While others were willing to pose for pictures.
Barbara Mitchell, Kris Waldsmith, Edythe
Edythe with great-grandaughter Erika, who wore the t-shirt given at Edythe's 90th birthday, three years ago.
The four generations: Kris (grandaughter), Edythe
Great-grandaughters Kaitlyn and Erika
Daughter Susan
Kris Waldsmith and daughter Erika
Edythe with great-grandson Ryan Johnston
Kaitlyn Waldsmith, Nikki Beisler and daughter Ashley
Kaitlyn Waldsmith, sister Erika and Ashley Beisler posed in the limo, with great-Uncle Ken at the helm.
At the end of the day, Krikit and Missy wondered where everyone had gone.