Stories of interesting animals and pets we have loved

Gabriel Gabriel was a beautiful Wheaton terrier, a beloved pet of Andy and Eric. The story of Andy's purchase of Gabriel as a pup is at trip. This is the story of one day when he was in leash training.
Fischer dogs The story of Gabriel and the addition of Hadley to Tatum's life.
Krikit the cat This is Krikit's autobiography. She was an interesting cat, who was always interested in the life around her. She wasn't a very good hunter and she found us when she was about starved to death.
Missy's Calendar If you love Bichon's you'll love this perpetual calendar of our dog Missy.
Squirrel Pix Natalie Tuck of Sarasota Florida took these charming pictures of a squirrel coaxing goodies out of a glass jar.
Samantha Our neighbor (and inventor) Bill Baker shows off his "Poopurree" that saves his wife Priscilla a lot of mess and time.